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The British programme of care for the war dead is a complex subject, beset with more than its usual share of impenetrable service acronyms.

We have set up a PDF list of definitions and terminology which applies across the website and articles.

This can be downloaded HERE: Definitions


Identification of the Military Dead: US and UK

The Americans ran a parallel graves and missing research programme over much of the same territory as the British. They carried out similar procedures, but performed an additional, highly extensive series of duties because bereaved relatives were offered the choice of having their dead repatriated. (No repatriation in any circumstances was permitted for the British dead.)

The Americans made both an art and a science out of their burial and identification procedures, which formed a strong contrast to the frequently ad hoc arrangements of the British. The following article looks at the difference between the two countries in the identification rates achieved for the military dead: Identification Rates – American and British

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