Peter Chapman – A Fuller History

The Peter Chapman page has been amended to give a fuller history of this quiet hero who worked with the Italian Resistance against the German occupiers and their Fascist helpers. For almost eighteen months he worked with the Resistance until betrayed and killed close to the end of the war. Peter Chapman, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Peter Chapman, Killed by Italian Fascists

When looking into details of the loss, in Italy on 25 April 1945, of Pilot Officer Beard and Flight Sergeant Maddock (Buried in Italy, Mosquito Crew, 256 Squadron) we came across the Graves Concentration Report for the crew which also listed Peter Chapman, a soldier murdered by the Fascists in January 1945. Lorenzo Saggioro has now sent us a photograph of the memorial to Peter, see: Peter Chapman, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Mosquito Crew, Buried in Italy – Request for Information

At very end of the war, on 25 April 1945, a Mosquito crew of 256 Squadron, Fighter Command, was lost in Italy. The two men are buried at Padua. They were Pilot Officer Roy James George Beard (pilot) and Flight Sergeant D Maddock (navigator). Lorenzo Saggioro is looking for information about them. See Buried in Italy, Mosquito Crew, 256 Squadron