Arnhem Commemorations, 1945

The above picture, taken at the Arnhem commemorations at the new cemetery on 25 September 1945, shows Colonel Arthur Owen Stott (marked by two lines in orange) as a rather diminutive figure against the tall survivors of the Arnhem battle.

The commemorations took place a year after the iconic battle to catch Arnhem’s road bridge. This is a particularly nice informal shot before the ceremony begins.

The two green crosses mark two highly notable British commanders, Major General Roy Urquhart, the commander of 1st Airborne Division which took the leading role in Operation Market Garden, and Brigadier John Hackett, who having been severely injured during the battle was captured by the Germans but later managed to escape.

For further information on Urquhart and Hackett, see the comprehensive Pegasus Archive: 1st Airborne Division HQ and Brigadier John Hackett

Image courtesy of the Gelders Archief, ref: 1560-2475.

Arnhem-Oosterbeek Cemetery, Laying Flowers

It is not known when the flower-laying ceremony in this photograph took place but probably in 1946 or 1947 as the cemetery is well-established yet the permanent headstones have not yet been erected.

The ceremony of laying flowers on all the individual graves in a cemetery continues to this day in the Netherlands.

Reference tbc.

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