Research for the Website

I carried out the main research for this website between 2012-2016, for a PhD at the University of Exeter, entitled:

‘NOTHING CAN EXCUSE US IF WE FAIL’: The British and their Dead Servicemen, North-West Europe, 1944-1951

My PhD was taken under the supervision of Professor Richard Overy, the renowned historian of the Second World War. The examining board members were Professor Richard Toye and Professor Jeremy Crang, and the doctorate was awarded in July 2016.

The inspiration for the PhD thesis came from my research into the disappearance of Anthony Cotterell, a British Army major, and his devoted brother Geoffrey’s attempts to discover what had happened to him. See The Cotterell Brothers  My two books on Anthony Cotterell are Major Cotterell and Arnhem: A War Crime and a Mystery and This is War, a collection of his diaries and journalism, both published by Spellmount.

The picture at the head of this page is of me with Geoffrey Cotterell, Anthony’s brother, in 2009, in the cemetery at Enschede, Holland, where Anthony is possibly buried.

I run the RAF Pathfinders Archive website and am Chairperson of this registered charity.

For a general profile of my work, see my PER ARDUA website.

Jennie Mack Gray


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