Woensnel Cemetery, Eindhoven. Burial place of the Coates crew , 97 Squadron. Courtesy of Glen Elston.

For anyone who is interested in RAF Bomber Command, this website will provide some of the answers to what was done for the many thousands of aircrew listed as dead or missing in Europe by the end of the Second World War.

The programme of care for the military dead encompassed everyone of whatever nationality who had served with the British forces. Where airmen were concerned, this included members of the RCAF, the RAAF, and the RNZAF, because they had been under the RAF’s operational control.

Much of the material on this website relates to Bomber Command; however, there is also a wealth of information about dead and missing soldiers, who were cared for by many of the same agencies as those which looked after RAF aircrew.

This website is run by Dr Jennie Gray, Chair of the RAF PATHFINDERS ARCHIVE. There are a number of links back to the Archive website, as all the material collected by Dr Gray over the course of more than twenty years research has been permanently loaned to the Archive.

The RAF PATHFINDERS ARCHIVE concentrates mainly upon the Path Finder Force of Bomber Command, but it also looks at the wider context of service in the RAF, including what happened to the huge number of aircrew who were lost on operations, hence the links between the two sites.

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