RAF Upwood Ground Crew Remembered at Runnymede

It is often assumed that the the Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede (often simply known as Runnymede) commemorates only missing aircrew, those who flew on operations and never returned, their fate being unknown. However, it does in fact memorialise all RAF personnel who have no known grave.

Amongst the 20,275 names remembered are those of four members of 156 Squadron ground crew, who lost their lives on 9 September 1944 in a catastrophic accidental detonation of bombs at RAF Upwood. No remains of them could be found. They were:

AC2 James Ellis, aged 23

LAC Thomas Graham, aged 25

LAC Herbert Jones, age not known

LAC James Thompson, aged 42

For further details, see the RAF Pathfinders Archive page: Catastrophic Explosion at RAF Upwood

It is thought that the photograph below was taken when Runnymede was opened by the Queen in 1953. Note the sea of flowers and wreaths remembering those who have no grave.

Runnymede with flowers

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