German Cemetery Plot

The aim of the British Graves Service was as far as possible to treat enemy combatants equally. However, this did not mean that they were buried with the Allied dead. German plots were created, which used the same style of temporary cross and lettering as in the Allied plots, as in this image of an unknown German cemetery, probably in France judging by the dates on some of the graves.

N.B. This was later identified by a reader ‘Richard’ as being Plot X at the Tilly-sur-Seulles War Cemetery in Calvados, Frances. Ironically, the battle of Tilly-sur-Seules was the most detailed account which Anthony Cotterell, who was travelling with the Sherwood Rangers, gave of a tank battle in the Normandy campaign.

2 thoughts on “German Cemetery Plot

  1. Hello Jennie,

    This is Plot X at the Tilly-sur-Seulles War Cemetery in Calvados, Frances.

    A number of names can be seen on the grave markers in the photo.

    According to the CWGC online records for the cemetery ‘Sesselmann M’ is almost certainly Max Sesselmann who is buried in grave 4, row D, plot X and died 12 June 1944.

    In addition a man bearing the surname ‘Lutze’ on his grave marker appears to be buried in grave 7, row B.

    ‘Lindner’ appears on another marker and probably is Gustav Lindner who also died 12 June 1944.

    Finally ‘Craft K’ is probably Karl Craft who lies in grave 6, row A. He died 18 July 1944.

    The photo is also interesting for the number of unknowns shown.

    Hope this is of some use.

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