Arnhem Commemorations, 1945

This picture, taken at the Arnhem commemorations at the new cemetery on 25 September 1945, shows Colonel Arthur Owen Stott (marked by two lines in orange) as a rather diminutive figure against the tall survivors of the Arnhem battle.

The commemorations took place a year after the iconic battle to capture Arnhem’s road bridge. This is a particularly nice informal shot before the ceremony begins.

Image courtesy of the Gelders Archief, ref: 1560-2475

The two green crosses mark two very notable British commanders: on the right, Major General Roy Urquhart, the commander of 1st Airborne Division which took the leading role in Operation Market Garden; on the left, Brigadier John Hackett of 4th Parachute Brigade, who was severely injured during the battle, captured by the Germans, but managed to escape from hospital.