PER ARDUA – The Air War and Beyond is linked to the RAF Pathfinders Archive

As the RAF Pathfinders Archive website has been so successful and has expanded so greatly, this second website sometimes functions as a digital annex to it, containing a lot of information which sets the background to the Pathfinder story.

Much of the focus of this website is on the later stages of the Air War, dating from the creation of the Path Finder Force (generally known as the Pathfinders) in August 1942, and running until May 1945 when VE Day signalled the end of Bomber Command’s campaign in Europe.

Besides posts and pages on Bomber Command, the RAF, and the Air War, the website also looks at other aspects of the Second World War, and of the early years of the peace.

During the six to seven year period directly after the way, a huge programme was underway to identify, bury and honour the dead. The subjects of missing research, war graves and remembrance are covered by my other site: AFTERMATH

Links to the latest posts on the RAF Pathfinders Archive and AFTERMATH are at the foot of this page.

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