One of the stories behind this website is that of the Cotterell brothers, Anthony and Geoffrey. Both were writers who tackled the subject of the war, Anthony in journalism and reportage, and Geoffrey in fiction.

As a very young man, Geoffrey was in Berlin at the time of the Olympic Games in 1936, and managed to con his way into the stadium by brandishing Anthony’s press card. His letters home tell of this exploit and other aspects of life in Germany in the pre-war period.

In 1945, Geoffrey returned to Germany as a British Army Major, having deliberately engineered himself a posting to the British Zone of occupied Germany. Anthony had disappeared without trace after the battle of Arnhem in September 1943. Geoffrey devoted his time, both before and after he was demobbed, to trying to find out what had happened to his much loved brother. His letters home tell of what he discovered and the many heart-breaking dead-ends that he encountered.