Arnhem-Oosterbeek Cemetery

Further to yesterday's post about Colonel Stott and possible photographs of him at work, the second photograph, also in the Gelders Archief, shows Stott in the very early days of the ARNHEM-OOSTERBEEK CEMETERY. He is deep in conference with Captain J T Long, of 37 Graves Registration Unit. This cemetery was developed with the full cooperation … Continue reading Arnhem-Oosterbeek Cemetery

Colonel Stott at the Arnhem Commemorations, 1945

Colonel Stott, the Commanding Officer of the Army Graves Service in Western Europe was arguably the most influential figure of all in the British programme of care for the military dead after the Second World. Amongst his other achievements, it was he who chose the sites for the cemeteries and carried out the negotiations with … Continue reading Colonel Stott at the Arnhem Commemorations, 1945